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About us

We make effective use of amino acids in the treatment of epilepsy, Down’s syndrome, autism, ADHD, DMO and other neurological disorders. Due to the quarantine and epidemi crisis we mainly provide now consultations online, you could schedule and book your online consultation and get comprehensive information from the comfort of your home. Before epidemi crisis we regularly provide consultations in Prague, Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Vienna, Graz, Rome, Milan, Wroclaw, Poznan, Warsaw, Krakow and other cities. Upon the use of our amino acid preparations we observe a pronounced advance of intellect and speech, an improvement of motor skills and muscle tone, as well as kinetic activity and co-ordination. 

Advantage of amino acid treatment

Dlaczego uważamy, że Aminokwasy mogą pomóc?

Our preparations contain specific combinations of amino acids. The effectiveness of our preparations is based on the fact that amino acids in specific combinations mutually reinforce their effects. They are designated for oral administration. The preparations contain amino acids of German origin.

Amino acids activate the transmission of nervous signals between individual neurons, normalise stimulating and inhibiting processes which are the basis of the functioning of the brain, and also activate “sleeping” nerve cells.

Who we are?

Michal Khavov Michael Chavov Company founder
Olga Blinnikova Olga Blinnikova Head doctor
Radka Radka assistan Italian language
Eliska Eliska assistant German language
Gabriela Gabriela assistant Polish language

Where do we work?

Gdzie pracujemy?

We’ll come to you. During consultations, we approach our clients in Poland, Germany, Italy and other countries. Due to quarantena and lockdowns now we mainly provide consultations online.

Online consultation
  • Convenient for patient
  • No need to travel, save time, money
  • With our doctor you could decide whether our amino acids treatment is suitable for you
  • You could order our amino acids to be send to you
Make an appointment First consultation is for free

Amino acids treatment 

Individual treatment plan
Each treatment plan is tailored for the person’s individual needs
Easy to serve & use
Our amino acids are in capsules and easy for peroral taking
Treatment at home
You could receive our amino acids and administrate them at home or wherever you are
Online support
During administration of our amino acids you could always to contact us and we can amend your individual plan of treatment to your current state
Delivery to your door
You are the most welcome to visit us for primary check up. Or you could book online primary check up and then we post our amino acids right to your door