Stroke and head trauma

Cerebrovascular disease (stroke) and head trauma

In this wide group of patients with various neurological symptoms, well pronounced results can be achieved, especially with early administration after the occurrence. Positive changes are observed in 80% of cases according to the time interval after the occurrence. According to the actual condition, we can observe a reduction or elimination of spasticity and rigidity, increased range of joint movements, a positive effect on the ability to speak or even full recovery of speech. In patients with previous damage following CVA or trauma (from ½ year up to several years), administration of amino acid compounds can also have a very positive effect. For example, the pain syndrome is reduced in the event of irreversible contractures in the area of the elbow or wrist. The principle of the action of amino acids is different (compared to the traditional treatment). They act directly in the affected tissue by various mechanisms: neurons create new synapses; dormant cells are activated, thus resulting in the partial or full regeneration of the lost function. Amino acid compounds enable direct action on the biochemical mechanisms of nerve cells, so the patients have a new perspective for the treatment of conditions following a cerebrovascular occurrence.

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